Chicago Fire Season 03 Episode 11 Torrent Download

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Chicago Fire 03x11 torrent
Runtime: 49 min
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Genre: Action, Drama
Starring: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund

Users review: I started watching this show when this was renewed for season 2 because of its poor season one rating. Now i know why it was not cancel after season one poor performance. It is because every script of every episodes are well crafted and has brilliant characters(not to mention eye candies for the ladies and gays) and has depth in their history. Despite its lack of excitement and thrills in the storyline it is humbling for a show to give its viewer a fresh and realistic drama.It doesnt focus all of its story on firefighting actions and the drama develops in accordance to their characters actions which avoid the feel of rushing in the storytelling which usually every network shows has. I admire the writers courage to develop the underlying plot and suspense in a pace which the story deserves rather than focusing too much on pleasing the viewers. This also gives the audience to connect to their fav characters. This is one of those shows in which if it continues for a while (may be longer than 6 seasons) you will be left very fulfilling and satisfying yet sad and feel hollow when the show ends.Not a cup of tea for everyone but to those who love contemporary drama and has lots of patience, it will be a wondrous treat which more than likely you will ever forget in the future.Like Greys Anatomy i am sure i will be watching this show over and over again.