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Constantine 01x08 torrent
Runtime: 50 min
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Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Starring: Matt Ryan, Charles Halford, Harold Perrineau

Users review: Ive read the comics. And I have a soft spot for John Constantine. The Keanu Reeves movie was in my opinion well done. But Reeves missed the subtle characteristics of John. The Hellblazer comic was supposed to be a intelligent look at a warlock named John Constantine who is a complete lying and con man. He has a really nasty habit of having his friends die around him. The Show reminds me of the comic a lot. now it wont be the comic. Anything that is adapted to another medium such as TV or the movies is bound to have changes. It wont be 100% Constatine Comic book. But here they nailed down the essence of what that comic is about. John Constatine is a haunted man. the mistakes of his past are starting to come back and haunt him. Hell wants him in the worst possible way. Heaven doesnt want him . and so John must try to redeem himself somewhat by saving others. Of course John is a cheeky lying con man who is only in it for his own goals. But sometimes. Sometimes the Hero in John rises to the occasion and he fights evil just to save lives. Because he knows what is right and what is wrong. And John Constantine is a regular person who needs to be prodded into taking the right course of action. If you like Supernatural. Give Constantine a chance its a walk down that same dark road Dean and Sam Winchester take every week. And Id like to think the Winchesters and John would get along nicely. If its not your cup of tea well change the channel. but if it is. Watch it you will be surprised and rewarded for your patience. And Loyality.