Haven S5E12 Torrent Download

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Haven 05x12 torrent
Runtime: 47 min
Audio: Dual Audio
Language: Eng
Frame Rate: 23.9 fps
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Audio Bitrate: 384 kbps
Genre: Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Starring: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour

Users review: Haven is an excellent series for so many reasons but the most important are as follows: a) Genres; Haven crosses so many different genres, such as Thriller, some Comedy, some Romance, Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi and Horror. There are more, but Ill stick to these as they are the ones that stand out most. b) Appeals to a mass audience; to follow up on that last point, given all that the show delivers, its nearly (or even theoretically) impossible for any individual to enjoy SOME aspect of this show. It will draw you in for more. c) Location and Setting; The strong location backdrop and scene locations are hard to be beat with a series which relies almost entirely on a small Harbor Town…and a beautifully stunning one at that. Beaches, ocean, a marina, boardwalks, rocky Maine coastline (although filmed very close by in Canada) surrounded by thick forests makes it pleasurable to watch for the views alone. And the small harbour town, again, makes for a small town feel amongst the great cast of characters but also allows room for the outside to come in which can be good at the right time. And when this occurs, the show never fails to maintain its strong beliefs and appeal of the mysterious town of Haven. d) Great acting…a must in any TV or Film! e) Having a link to Stephen King and his novel The Colorado Kid definitely draws in even more viewers.All in all, we need more shows like Haven!