Stalker Season 1 Episode 11 [x264] Torrent Download

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Stalker 01x11 torrent
Runtime: 54 min
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Language: Eng
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Genre: Drama, Thriller
Starring: Dylan McDermott, Maggie Q, Victor Rasuk

Users review: I was highly interested in the new CBS series Stalker it was created by the man of thrills Kevin Williamson(best known for the Scream series)and true stalking and stalkers are so common in our society its like the hot new crime of the day especially with the technology, and digital access it makes these crimes more common. Set in the city of angels L.A. it is centered around the special L.A. police unit that is devoted just to the crimes of stalking whether the victims are famous or not. Its lead by an Lt. named Beth(Maggie Q) and a new arrival from New York thats Jack(Dylan McDermott)whos assigned to the unit and this cop appears a little strange he has a secret past he seems different. The cases featured in each episode involve stalkers with killing intentions who have methods of cat and mouse games like bringing out victims phobias and fears. Also cases of online stalking and past jealous lovers are showcased with the usual pepping tom type stalker even spotlighted. This series is on edge with suspense, thrills, and chills and it has scenes of sexy females in colored bras and scenes of damsels in distress being tied up and gagged while being held hostage and its all blended with sex, drama, and interesting investigative work a good series that spotlights in a fictional way the ever on going crime of stalking with interesting cases in L.A.